Epoxy Flooring

What You Need Know About Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy is a long-lasting and durable coating that you use to cover concrete. Its ability to repel grease or oil and certain substances that are harmful to ordinary paint is the reason for its toughness. Furthermore, it is easier to manage because it is easier to clean. You can easily make your garage more attractive because epoxy can be obtained in various colors. You can have a beautiful garage door for years to come with epoxy.


However, there are some things to consider from this homepage before coating your garage floor with epoxy. Firstly, it has been noted not epoxy may not be applicable to all kinds of concrete. The second consideration is that concrete needs to be prepared and this task may be tedious and challenging. Therefore, before you apply the coating, you must first know how to assess your concrete floor and how to prepare the concrete floor. There are the basic things to consider to ensure that epoxy coating can stand car traffic and other materials can that fall on it.


Moving on, the success of coating your concrete with epoxy relies on preparation. You need to invest time for removing stains such as oil spots or take the time to clean or degrease the floor. Etching the floor with mild acid might be a necessary step in preparing concrete. Other things to do include, scrubbing and a lot of rinsing, and if necessary vacuuming. Let the concrete completely dry before you start applying epoxy. With this, it is worth it to check the floor for dampness. If there is dampness, one should check where it is coming from. Epoxy coating is useless of floor that is always damp. Check website at http://academia.wikia.com/wiki/The_Benefits_Of_Epoxy_coatings_Floors to know some benefits in epoxy flooring.


On the second day, you are probably ready to apply the first coat of epoxy but before that, make sure that cracks on the floor have been filled. On the third day, you can go ahead and cover the floor with the second epoxy coat.


Sounds like it's a piece of cake but it actually requires a lot of effort. The efforts of coating concrete with epoxy at this link will be useless if the coating is not durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear just because the preparation part was not done meticulously. This task does not need sophisticated equipment but it needs time and real effort. What you basically need are two things: a good floor scrubber and a quality brush.


But there is one more thing to consider before applying the first coat. If it is a new slab of concrete it will need at least 4 weeks to 2 months to completely dry before you can assess if epoxy is suitable. Moreover, any paint should also be removed. And last but not the least check the weather. Room temperature needs to be 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal curing or drying of epoxy. Click here to get started if epoxy is right for your floor.